Decorifusta Garden and patio decoration inspiration Tue, 14 Mar 2017 08:03:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Upgrade Garden Log Cabins to Sauna Tue, 14 Mar 2017 08:03:00 +0000 If you are an individual doing a job or are a businessman, you surely need to have garden log cabins with you. Especially, if you are a startup and looking for some expansion in your company, you will need these cabins so that your employees feel more protected, secured, and comfortable. Just, you should look for some good suppliers around you so that you can make a proper and cost-effective purchase.

They provide Natural Beauty

These cabins are the ones, which are designed so beautifully that people love to have them. Especially their look and feel is exactly same as that of summer houses, garden views, and leisure time outdoors. These cabins are best for those who are seeking additional space for themselves in leisure time and are tired of their hectic works all day around.

Residential Log Cabins

These cabins are a special type of cabins, which are completely lucrative and rewarding with all necessary functionalities and aesthetic values. You can update your log to more better and easy designs like making a sauna in your design architectures. If your major focus is on relaxation, you can then go for sauna log cabin because sauna suits best to such users. Many residential cabins garden log cabins come with a built-in sauna designs fir ultimate respites. This removes the cost to up gradation to the sauna.

Sauna in Log Cabins

If you are not much familiarized with spending much of your time inside the sauna, you need to do this now. You will really find sauna helpful because sauna baths are so popular and beneficial to health. Most of the people make de-stress themselves in these cabins and they make bets use of nature in their spare times.

Summing up; having garden log cabins is beneficial for everyone not only financially but also mentally. These cabins will make your life easier and will take you out of all stresses you have and you can spend the best part of your life. Moreover, you can build a sauna in your big homes with heat-reflecting foils and insulations all around. Just give them a try and you will surely be loving them.

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Deploy Best Garden parasols in your Area Mon, 13 Mar 2017 22:02:00 +0000 Home is nothing about furniture and the same is with the gardens. Just like you decorate your home, the same way you decorate your gardens to make them beautiful.  There is a lot of garden furniture available all over but the mostly purchased of them are garden parasols. These parasols are usually the umbrellas and wooden stuff, which is used in gardens to add more beauty to the home gardens. You can now create shady spots on your home gardens with garden parasols, which are now available in lots of colors and varieties. They are in various designs including double tiers and best suit any space and weather whatever is the weather or environment around.

Perfect Outdoor Living

Yes! These garden parasols are going to provide you with superb outdoor living. You can enjoy a lot with these parasols with your friends, mates, relatives, and family. There are many selections available in many shopping places for these parasols with respect to design, colors, and bases. Garden umbrellas make the garden outlook more beautiful and awesome and provide users with the best protection against fast winds, heavy rains, and serve them in any weather condition. Lots of people love having BBQ outside with this kind of decorations and are entertained a lot.

Add your Garden to the Next Level

Having these garden parasols will boost your garden level and give your garden a new amazing look. You can have outdoor heating and even you can arrange some small parties in your garden depending on designs you choose and garden areas you cover. You keep yourself secure and protected having these parasols and can have fun in the evening and night times with full romance with your loving partner around you.


Last but not the least; the parasols are easy to find and are available on almost all online channels including Amazon and many online retailers. Moreover, you can go all over around you to purchase them yourself physically. This is up to you for the choice and design but chooses the one, which is more used in the market and this you will come to know only and only if you will have proper research about them.

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Garden Patio Ideas for Design Mon, 13 Mar 2017 12:01:00 +0000 Usually, when summer comes, it becomes trends in almost all countries to have some relaxing activities including swimming, going out for picnics, planning holidays, or relaxing in warm months. The best spots, which you will find to relax are the best garden patios because they are best outdoor entertainment until or unless they are designed by keeping in mind some good garden patio ideas. If they are not designed in such manners, nobody will love to be there in those gardens. First, set a long cabin porch made of any good design materials like tobacco poles and lay them in a horizontal position so that tobacco lies there for drying. Moreover, you can have a fire pit over there in the garden to provide a better look. Let us discuss more on ideas.

Add Natural Palettes

Everything should look natural like fresh air, cushions carpet, and everything. Location, as well as scenery, also matters a lot while design good patio so that one should get the airy feel and best indoor and outdoor looks.

Porch Swings

Porch swings should be unique and outstanding making the porch more cozy sitting place.


The porch should provide users with multifunctional approach i.e. they can enjoy breakfast, lunch, usual sitting, dinner, and altogether meals there. This is one of the bets garden patio ideas because when a person is sitting anywhere to relax, it is generally common that he would be going for some snacks or meals in a while.


Sounds strange yes? It seems but actually it is not. This is because your garden patio porch should have a flag in it. The flag is usually a yearly tradition for homeland so why not put a flag on the porch for a year? This will give rise to patriotism and the one using the patio garden will surely be going to love this.

Infinite garden patio ideas exist, but we have mentioned very few of them. It is up to you that how you boost up the beauty of your surroundings, hence, make yourself your own boss and let us start working on it.

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A Garden Sink will come Handy for your Washing Needs Mon, 13 Mar 2017 02:00:00 +0000 Why the needs for a garden sink?

Gardening is beautiful and it can be more rewarding when you have some edible vegetables to harvest in your cottage style of garden. You will sure need water at that point to do quick washing before you going in with the harvested product. This is where the garden sink comes in handy. This plumbing material will save you a lot of hassles in having to jump between your garden and the kitchen to make use of the kitchen sink at any time there is a need to make a wash either of hands or products.

Prominent things to consider when installing a garden sink

In installing a garden sink outdoors for your use, there is a few notes you may have to make on getting things to work properly. In the installation, the sink itself, as well as the water system to supply it and also the drainage pattern for the used water, must be looked into. What is the choice of sink you have in mind? Stainless steel is commonly used for designs owing to its durability and availability in regards to cost. It is affordable.

Running water to your sink is next on the line. This can be much of a cost due to the plumbing work that has to be done. You can be creative by going with using a hose externally which is not bad for a garden use. But if you want to run in a clean line, expect to spend some money in getting it constructed.

The drainage should not be a problem as the used water can be re-circulated to be used for irrigation. All that is needed is to channel the used sink water back to the garden.

Design possibilities in garden sink design

Creativity should not be overruled in designing a garden sink. There are designs that are made purely of concrete or stones which suit the atmosphere just enough to be used in the garden. You can get to improvise in some design styles in the use of mix of wood and steel in your designs.

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Make it more Comforting Outdoors by using a Patio Chaise Lounge Sun, 12 Mar 2017 15:59:00 +0000 The use of a chaise lounge is a cool way to relax outdoors. They are comparable to a day bed with the extension in its design. Your patio having a chaise lounge to complement the design will definitely serve the purpose for comfort and good relaxation you desired.

Designs of the patio chaise lounge

A Patio chaise lounge is only different to the contemporary chaise lounge used in our homes on its design simplicity with very little cushioning if there is any. The frame is often made of a metal base to give adequate support to individual’s weight. Some designs are completely wooden. With the metal base stand, some elements of padding are done on the chaise to provide a soft enough area for the body. Usually, the backrest or what appears to be like the headboard is raised much higher above the surface seat areas. Armrests are also visible with some designs.

Upholstered patio chaise lounge

It is customary for a patio chaise lounge to have minimal cushioning. Some may just be bare without any form of padding at all. Designs such as those used close to the pool are often upholstered designs. This is so done to suit the long rest position that is often common with the pool areas.

Many styles are available to choose from

Chaise lounges have many arrays of styles available on the market for patios. This comes in the range of finishes of color, design material, and frame patterns. The color ranges are in numbers depending on your choice. Natural colors like green and brown are common used with other bright colors like red and blue.

Benefits of patio chaise lounge

A Patio chaise lounge is a lot useful for rest and to take a short nap outdoors in the cool of the day. With a chaise lounge, you can be sure of having a good rest for the body compared to using a chair. Some chaise lounge especially the upholstered designs have storage compartment that can be use to keep some of your frequently used outdoor items.

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Reasons there are various types of patio cover designs Sun, 12 Mar 2017 05:58:00 +0000 We all have different choices and preferences. You could prefer one thing but someone else prefers something else. For the needs of everybody to be satisfied, there has to be varieties that we can choose from. Patio convers are made differently and in different designs all for the purposes of meeting our preferences. The covers are made so as to make us have the satisfaction that we seek of the same. The design used in the making of patio convers are made under the guide of what customers would best opt for. The designing if these covers is as per your preferences since it is you they are made for and so the designers must have a clear idea of what the market needs.  These designers definitely have the right idea since the covers they make are perfect and they are made to best please you. Here are the three main reasons the patio convers are made in different designs

To suit customer preferences

In business, a customer is the main stake holder. Much as the seller is important due to the fact that that it is they who supply us with what we want, we- customers- remain to be the most important stake holders in business.  For this reason, the seller has to apply all methods so as to attract us to have their commodities and hence the making of the patio convers in different designs so as to make us make purchase of the same. The different patio cover designs that are made is so as for them to suit our preferences and hence attract us to make purchase

For suitability

When you go out with intention of making purchase of patio covers, you have the right idea of what you need in kind. You will only choose the patio cover that is best suitable for the various use you want to put it into. Since we all have different looking interiors, then we will only opt for designs that will be best suitable for use within our houses. For this reason, there are different patio cover designs so as to best suit the intended purpose.

For interior beauty

The interior of our houses, offices and other places that we take time in define the kind of people we are. In this case we have different ways of making our interiors look as vest prefer. Patio cover designs are made in a variety so as to make you the customer make the rights selection of the design that is best for the interior of the place you intend to make best.

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Get the Patio Cushions of your Choice for a cool fit Sat, 11 Mar 2017 19:57:00 +0000 The outdoor experience cannot be complete without the use of furniture which is the dining set. This can be made more comforting with the use of soft cushions to give the required maximum comfort. Cushions are soft, well textured and smooth on touch and are well suited to provide the best relaxation comfort that the body requires to get rejuvenated. Cushions for patio are in sizes, colors and shapes that are a bit different to what is conventionally used indoors.

The various forms of the patio cushions

When talking of patio cushions, the limit should not be made to the chairs alone. It comprises all that has to do with using soft padding on the furniture. This can be also the pillows and other surface coverings for furniture. The seat in some couch, lounge and chairs are covered with cushion materials that fit neatly and minimal too.

Properties that may be associated with patio cushions

In the designs of patio furniture, it can be a cover of materials of different properties. Since the outdoor is talked about here, the waterproof capability of some cushion materials is desired as this is able to withstand against the element of rain. There are fabrics designed purely for the outdoors in this regard.

The different applications and styles of cushions for patio

For your patio furniture, the following are available as a covering on your furniture to give the lasting comfort for the outdoor experience. Some of these are the bench pad, the wicker seat, the deep seat and the chair seat cushions. Others are bench gusset, bench pad gusset, settee cushion, lounge pad cushion, bamboo bench pad cushion and outdoor pillows of different shapes, sizes, and color.

For your furniture redesign or replacement, you can use these as a guide to help you choose the type of patio cushions that is just appropriate for your use on your patio for maximum comfort and relaxation. You may have to make a measure of your furniture type to get the right fit for your design.

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Types of Designs that can help your Paver Patio Ideas Sat, 11 Mar 2017 09:56:00 +0000 Pavers are designs that bring your patio sparkling with their various design styles. Pavers can be described as the pathway on which leads through to your patio. They are installed with different design materials such as stones, concrete and bricks. This all can come in very beautiful colors, shapes and in sizes.

Pavers are seen uniquely on the floor with their pattern outlook which also comes in various finishes and design styles. In this article, we’ll concentrate on the design patterns of pavers so as to help serve as a guide for you when you plan having a paver patio ideas to consider possibly in the nearest future.

The running bond pattern

This is about the simplest of the pavers design. This design is achieved through the laying of the pavers side by side forming characteristic straight lines formats. They are the plainest designs and a more appropriate one for small areas and as well near the home to give more relevance to your home landscape design.

The basket weave pattern

If you are looking for anything vintage, the basket weave pattern is the paver design you are looking for. The paving combination makes the creating of column and row effect in the outlook.

The circular pattern

This, just from the name is installed by laying the pavers in circular shapes which may not actually be perfect circles. The spaces in between can be filled with concrete or sand to cover up the gaps. These designs are more suitable for more spacious areas to close up on the area.

The herringbone pattern

This is a pattern that is designed to give a V shape by placing the pavers in alternate paths. You can use this pattern for large or a medium size space. The peculiarity of this pattern can be seen with the effects it has visually.

The European fan pattern

This pattern is very challenging to achieve but when done, it remains one of the best designs for its beauty and adorable outlook. It gives the characteristic hand fan look and it’s so common in European paver patio ideas.

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Treat your windows to a fancy with Plantation Shutter to fit Fri, 10 Mar 2017 23:55:00 +0000 Plantation shutters are not just unique in their design patterns but are a value addition to any home type. They are special kind of shutters with an array of slats or louvers in columns and sections. They are particularly made to fit a window interior design of windows as being the type of shutters. Every home would love the beauty these classes of shutters add to a home décor.

You have a choice in louver size and style

In a shutter design, the slats are a major part. They are the units for the amounts of controlled lights and outside view. Today’s designs of a plantation shutter come in diverse range of these louvers or slats. The average louver size commonly used by many homeowners is the 21/2 inch size type. These are appropriate to make enough entrance for light penetration. The 3 ½ is also used by some homes but not as common as the 21/2 inch type.

Rails design in plantation shutters can vary

Rails in a shutter help to divide the shutter slats into sections. Most of the times, rails are on the top and the bottom type but it is also seen today to have rails, especially the narrow ones, come in between the top and the bottom rails. This gives the additional ability of control on the louvers. With this design, you can either push up or down for the lower or upper section of the slats to open up further.

You plantation shutter can be in your own design

When you decide to go for a plantation shutter, you have two choices in how you get one fixed for you. You have the choice of a custom design if you are not sure what is out there in the market for a right fit for your window. With a custom design, you have the makers coming to take the exact dimensions of your window and give a design of exact fit measured accordingly. If you think you can do the DIY mode, why not if you are sure!

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You can be sure of a Plastic Decking to Last you Long Fri, 10 Mar 2017 13:54:00 +0000 Decking overview

Wood is the widely used material for the decking of homes long before now. The surge of plastics and composite in recent times is a great feat in the decking circle and everybody seems to love it. In the design industry, that is, talking about buildings, a deck is an extension sort of  the main building. It is a flat surface like a floor constructed outside the house but connected to the building, elevated and strong enough to give support to human weights.

Plastics and other materials like composites were in times past given less acceptance as decking material of choice but with latest improvements in the designs, they can now compete to a large extent with wood decking.

The use of plastic for decking

The plastic material used is often a recycled product of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This generally with other components that were from a recycled source are called the wood-plastic-composite (WPC).

Plastic as a decking material takes its advantage on maintenance. Maintaining a plastic decking is almost not needed aside having to mob when dirty. But to its disadvantage, it can come with some measure of discomfort for the user. During hot weather, plastic decking becomes hot by absorbing heat. This can be very inconveniencing to when one sits or move around on the deck. The heating effect can equally cause joints to be loosened and giving it that unbalanced nature when on it.

Hiring a decking professional

Making a deck for your house is good and can be done properly if the skill is available. The best way to go about your decking would be to get the services of a professional who has done similar jobs before. Make sure to have the real profession that has an understanding of architectural design and landscaping and vast in the practice. If you are not sure of anyone around, you can go online to get qualified hands that would do a good job for you. Just be sure to be thorough in your search for that quality delivery.

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